Sunday, February 6, 2011

DEA Ban On Mr Nice Guy, K2, Spice and other Herbal Incense Blends.

The only REAL Mr Nice Guy Products are here..
please do not accept any imitations. You KNOW you are getting REAL MR NICE GUY products when you buy directly from this site. There are alot of Mr Nice Guy imposters. Including Barely Legal, K2, Diesel XXX… All of these products are Nothing compared to the original Herbal Incense blends of Mr Nice Guy.


  1. sells all fake product. only fake product. We bought some from there claiming to be Mr Nice Guy, and it was terrible, the packaging looked fake too!

    any indian or hadji distributors sell only fake product. if you want to get ripped off, deal with them!! Only trust Products from or one of the other vendor links..

  2. We went to and got ripped off by a bunch of foreign douche bags that could barely speak english, they tried to sell us some fake version of Mr Nice Guy. You can only trust products from these links. These are the only official wholesale vendors we have found..

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